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He is a 1982 graduate of James Madison University, and a recipient of the school’s Ronald E. In an NFL consumed by fiery debate over players protesting injustice by taking a knee during the national anthem, one team will come onto the field in Philadelphia on Monday bearing a name and logo that she and other American Indians consider deeply racist: the Redskins.

When Washington faces the Eagles before a national TV audience on Native people and their allies have been protesting against the name for years.

Natives say the term The team won an important victory in June, when the Supreme Court ruled that a clause forbidding the placement of trademark protection on disparaging terms or logos was a violation of free speech.

A year earlier, a Washington Post poll found that 9 in 10 Native Americans were not offended by the Redskins name — a finding disputed by natives who said the methodology was flawed.

Leaders of the Monday rally say they hope to advance that progress.

“Some people don’t even know the history, so they think they’re celebrating Native Americans,” said Mabel Negrete, a cofounder of Indigenous 215 and a descendant of native Chileans and Peruvians.

The Dallas Texans, founded in 1960, relocated to Kansas City and became the Chiefs in 1963.

Primer's editor and founder Andrew field tested a lot of the options out there and has included his own experiences.

We’ve waded through the app stores to sort the useful prospects from the wastes of time, and here’s what we found.

But time and ubiquity have meant that apps like Tinder and Grindr are no longer seen as a source of shame, and they’re just another of the many ways people can try and meet each other in the modern digital age.

Inevitably, that success has sparked a wave of imitators and successors, from established dating websites dipping their toes in the app waters, to start-ups with a bright idea and a novel gimmick hoping to make an impression.

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Awareness grew in the 1980s, and in 1992 thousands of demonstrators gathered outside the Metrodome in Minneapolis when Washington played the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI.

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