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However, when they're invited to speak at a convention, or hired by Lucasfilm to continue what they were already doing for free, any doubt that they've become a Big Name Fan goes out the window.

The recognition is great, but remember that Celebrity Is Overrated: BNFs are easy targets, and are often singled out for torment by jealous fans. Thankfully, the anonymity factor helps their life from getting crazy: the vast majority of BNFs today did whatever they became famous for on the Internet while older ones did so through fanzines and mail, so their faces (and/or real names) are often unknown to most, making them indeed just another fan in the real world (even if they're gods on the Net).

Her affinity for the backwoods springs from her upbringing in the city of Eureka, which, she says, ‘is about as far north as you can go in California without crossing into Oregon.’Sara is the youngest of three girls and her father runs a logging business.

She describes Eureka as ‘part hippie town, part conservative.

Sara wrote and produced the song for the film with composer Nicholas Britell, and it plays during the movie’s end credits.

It was only when I’d met new friends that I realised that not everyone bursts into tears in the middle of the grocery store.’.

They’re lifers, it’s all about the craft for them, and while I’m more poppy, I also feel very committed to music as a craft – not as a business.’Some of Sara’s best songs have the raw intensity of diary entries; it’s clear that, for all her mettle where her career’s concerned, self-doubt is a cornerstone of her creativity.

‘It’s one of the things I struggle with,’ she concedes.

The CD includes her top five summer hit ‘Love Song’ along with 11 other examples of Sara’s knack for couching nakedly confessional lyrics within barnstorming pop choruses, overlaid with chiming West Coast harmonies.premiere on Saturday (September 16) in Westwood, Calif.If you didn’t know, Sara wrote a song for the movie called “If I Dare,” and you can stream and download the single right here!My parents were more the latter, whereas I’m a little more earthy and granola-loving.’ As a child, she says, she was pretty much left to her own devices.‘I would go off into the redwood forest for hours on end. In some ways it was like being an only child; my sisters are six and nine years older, so they were off doing their own things.

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