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“I’ve always had buddies, you know friends where I’m not going out with them but if I call in the middle of the night, they’ll come over,” she says.

Apart from three one-night stands that she says she didn’t enjoy, all Rachel’s sexual partners are part of her friend group.

Traditional concerns about when to have sex and with whom aren’t completely absent from campus but are treated as curious and unnecessary constraints on a good time.

Leeroy, who’s about to start his third year at Manchester University, says a relaxed attitude towards sex is standard, and he’s slept with six women and kissed another “40 or 50” since starting university.

But in keeping with the collegiate atmosphere, his partners aren’t unfamiliar one night stands but friends who he sees regularly at parties.

Forget worries about third-date sex or anxious chat up lines – university students have thrown structure out the window in their hunt for love and sex.

But while dating is a rarity, university romances are as complicated as ever.

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