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England is obsessed by tidy gardens and burning unruly weeds.You need to understand why people in england created such a complex taste - it's to remind us of those few warm days a year that linger and one yearns for.

To really understand that you need to be in england on a summer's evening where you can walk out into your garden and smell the bonfires wafting over from your neighbours.

My wife and family love the room note of this tobacco.

(They hated the other English blends I used to smoke!

) Some folks do not like this tobacco, but I think many of them do not know how to smoke it properly- it has to be smoked slowly, in order to burn cool, and in a pipe that is suitable. This has to be smoked in a pipe that retains some moisture.

If smoked too fast/hot, it will leave a bite, along with a wretched odor.

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