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And at all other times it was to be in his permanent possession but did not have to be worn.At that time the duty of the soldier was divided into three basic categories; Garrison Service, Camp Service and Field Service.They consist of an aluminum disk the exact shape and dimensions of a silver half dollar perforated with a small aperture near the periphery through which a piece of linen tape is to be passed and worn as shown in the accompanying illustration. are to be stamped upon these disks which will render the long rows of unknown dead such as are seen at Gettysburg, Antietam and other battlefields practically impossible in another war, should one occur. 04: This photograph from the November 1907 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine shows the Armys new 1906 ID Tag and the correct manner in which it was to be marked.It is interesting that the brief description of the tag went on to say, When issued the ID Tag made up part of each soldiers Field Service Equipment and as such they were worn only when the soldier was on active or simulated field service.

In researching and compiling the photos for this subject I borrowed liberally from other forum members and have tried to give credit to those whose photos I have used. (which Im afraid I did not do justice to) or any other branch of service that show unusual or interesting markings. They are buried in military cemeterys here in the United States and where they fell in battle, in foreign countries across the globe and far too many of their graves are marked by the single word Unknown.

Later charitable and relief organizations did what they could to help solve the problem of identifying the dead American soldiers by making and donating unofficial ID Tags to the service men leaving to fight in such places as Cuba, China and the Philippine Islands to insure that U. casualties would be properly identified and that their next of kin could be notified.

In addition civic groups and commanding officers purchased commercially made ID Tags for the local men of their Volunteer Regiments and State Militia Units before they marched off to war. 03: This keystone shaped tag hails from the Spanish American War and belonged to a member of the 14th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.

It did not take long for private vendors to offer what became known as Soldiers Pins that were sold to, and worn by both Johnny Reb and Billy Yank.

Despite their every effort, to this day over forty percent of the American Civil War dead remain unidentified. 01: This pre World War I dog tag belonged to a soldier in the 13th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment and was given to one of the men as he boarded a troopship bound for the Philippine Islands.

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02: Before a regulation dog tag was adopted by the army, Americas soldiers were lucky if they were presented with a donated ID Tag as they boarded a troop ship to fight in far off lands.

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