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The first-half 2016 financial results from some major carriers paint a very depressing picture for the industry, as first-half revenue was down by 18% on average.Drewry said that, if the current situation continues for the industry across the full year, carrier income would shrink by some USD 29 billion against 2015.Directly co-related to the random chat industry, video conferencing was the first type of video sharing platform to have ever existed.Back in the day, video conferencing was mostly used for business meetings and for government purposes, but today everyone enjoys this technology.Ericsson, one of the leading technology giants in the 1970’s introduced the first transatlantic video conferencing device in the world.Although this sparked the attention of many investors, very few businesses actually used the device.

for free chat rooms features, amazing online chat rooms, and mobile chat at the click of a mouse.Here’s a brief history about video conferencing and how it came to be.It all started over 40 years ago in the early 70’s when businesses were booming and technology was rising rapidly.The latest results indicate that the second quarter was harder on carriers than expected with operating margins falling to the lowest point since the first-quarter chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.

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