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“Her family really disapproved, and ultimately they broke up,” adds the insider.

She soon filed for divorce and moved in with the policeman.

After all, who better to ask than former – which Chris Harrison officially announced will return this year for a second season during last night’s The Women Tell All episode.

The verdict: None of the former reality stars chose fan favorite Emily Maynard, who 83 percent* of Cupid’s Pulse readers picked as their favorite for Brad in this week’s poll.

Given that Emily’s daughter took a while to warm up to Brad, Chantal scores higher in this category. This was definitely true while Michelle’s reign on the show lasted, but Brad sent Ms. What’s more interesting than who they chose is who they – early front runner Emily!

There I was thinking this is someone I could have a future with and they didn’t want to be with me. But in the time since then I’ve had time to heal and move forward. It was hard to go back and see those memories I had.

I think it’s undeniable when you watch the show the chemistry that Brad and I had. Before the season aired, some reports erroneously said that you were the woman Brad was engaged to. I came home and within about a week there were spoilers that came out that Brad and I were engaged and that he’d spent Thanksgiving with my family.

can exclusively reveal that Chantal’s marriage crumbled because she had a torrid affair with a cop! We’d be happy to hear from you in the comment section below or via email at starcasmtips (at)!

In case you haven’t read our Chantal O’Brien profile post, it makes sense that her husband was on vacation with her father because they both work for his chain of auto dealerships. Anybody out there close to Chantal want to confirm or deny the story?

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