British prank dating show

Each challenge will test their moral and ethical boundaries as they weigh the risk on their relationships — and how far they'll go for cash.

The nine-episode run of meanwhile, focuses on a first date between two people who meet via an online dating service.

The Dutch student accused of a cruel 'pull a pig' stunt today said his 'victim' invented their romance and insisted they never had sex or arranged to meet in Amsterdam.

Sophie Stephenson broke down in tears as she claimed Jesse Mateman tricked her into flying to The Netherlands after a holiday romance in Spain.

'I've been in a hotel room with her, but I never slept with her.

We are not and never were in love, as suggested.' Jesse told Mail Online he had now hired a lawyer to fight back against the story that has gone viral around the world. Sophie says she slept with 'heartless' Jesse, top left, during her stay in Barcelona - and claims he bombarded her with text messages to get her to fly to see him in Amsterdam, a claim he denied today.'There was no romance with Sophie.

He then said he could not wait and asked if Sophie would come over to Amsterdam.

We did not sleep together and I did not message her everyday.

That is just fantasist rubbish and it is ruining my life.'He denied messaging Sophie at all after meeting her in Spain.

The alleged prankster, from the southern town of Doetinchem, Netherlands, has faced a backlash in his home country, where he was attacked as 'a male-chauvinistic pig'.

Julie added: 'He has shattered her confidence and most nights she just sits there in tears. 'She let me know she had arrived and about three hours later she called from the hotel to say he wasn't there.

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